About the Owner

Behind the Scenes

Jerome's life has been surrounded by music. His father began teaching him guitar at a young age, and he began leading music at his church where he then started to develop an ear that would later be the basis of all his accomplishments in the music industry. Jerome's devotion to learning, his charismatic and understanding personality, and his understanding of the customer are keys to his success in this market.

In 2005 Jerome received a donation when a non profit recognized his passion for youth, music, and his attention to detail. From that donation Jerome formed IGNITE ministries in Spokane Washington which would later evolve into IGNITE sound company. Through many years, Jerome put on hundreds of concerts for youth and quickly gained a name with booking agents for his work ethic and success promoting national level concerts.  Jerome would use the concerts to gain visibility for non-profits who were helping the community. He quickly formed an alliance with venues, radio stations and businesses to establish IGNITE sound as the premier event promotion company.

During this time Jerome was still receiving donations based on his work in the community and then began studying sound design and reinforcement. Realizing the cost of sound and lighting for concerts and how he could give back more to the community if he owned his own system, he found someone thousands of miles away that donated a sound system based on the impact IGNITE was having. With his past as a musician, he quickly established himself as an experienced sound engineer and then began designing sound systems for all types of customers, primarily churches and local venues. He also became a staple behind the sound board for many National, Regional, and local artist. He grew the company and its reputation further and at one point had 5 sound engineers working for IGNITE dominating the local market.

Jerome's active military service to our country keeps him moving, however, has also caused him to be a powerhouse in markets including Spokane Washington, St. Louis Missouri, Dayton Ohio, and now Castle Rock Colorado. Many of his past clients now bring him in for large events, training, or to consult on all things sound related. Being a Sound Engineer and DJ is the best of both worlds for a customer. Sound is more complicated than buying budget gear and just playing music out of some speakers. You need someone who has tens of thousands of hours doing live concerts and installs, who understands all the intricacies of sound, to have confidence in them and their equipment.